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Ohana Ukuleles TK-Kit Tenor

With the new Ohana DIY Kits, you can personalize your ukulele in any number of ways. Transform them with exciting colors and finishes. Get a uke that is designed by YOU.  


The TK-Kit was made for those who are looking to push the boundaries of creativity and personal expression. It invites exploration to create a ukulele that is as distinctive as you are. The TK-Kit comes with an unfinished concert ukulele that is partially assembled, providing you with a perfect base to create a model that matches your personality.


Each kit includes:


4 tuners (2L + 2R)

1 bridge


1 saddle

1 nut

1 bridge decoration

4 bushings

3 black screws (for bridge)

8 silver wood screws


****If you purchase a ukulele kit from us and you need help, please give us a call! We stand behind our products and we are here to help. We are a family owned music store in Verona, PA. Let us know how your project turns out! We refund shipping overages over $2.00.

Ohana Tenor TK-Kit

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